Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to change Virtual Machine Snapshot files location (vSphere 5)

I have taken an example, I have created two datastore like below:-

VM-Datastore dedicated for VM related files like vmx,vmdk etc
Snapshot-Datastore dedicated for VM Snapshot  files like vmsn, delta.vmdk etc.

If you want to change the snapshot files location for different datastore than default, you need to shut down the VM first. Then remove the VM from inventory, and then use esxi Local Shell or SSH Shell and edit the .vmx file of that VM with vi editor and add the lines at the end of the file:- 

Snapshot.redoNotWithParent = “true”
workingDir  = “Location of your datastore”    like see the snapshot below:-

After this save the file and add the VM to inventory back using the vSphere client. When you power on the VM, and after this you will take snapshot the snapshot, files will created under the defined datastore. You can browse and confirm the snapshot file  are under the new datastore like:-

So now snapshot files location is as per your requirement.


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