Monday, July 15, 2013

Log rotation and logging options for vmware.log (8182749)

The logging setting

The logging setting allows you to turn logging on or off.
To turn logging off, enter logging="false" in the virtual machine's .vmx file. To turn logging back on, changelogging="false" to logging="true".

The log.rotateSize setting

By default, the virtual machine log file (vmware.log) is rotated as a result of the virtual machine's Power On or Power Off operation.
To configure log rotation based on file size, include this option in the virtual machine's .vmx file:
log.rotateSize = <maximum size in bytes the file can grow to>

Note: The default value is 0 or Unlimited.
This example specifies the vmware.log file to be rotated when its size reaches 100 kilobytes:
log.rotateSize = "100000"

The log.keepOld setting

By default, ESX 3.0 keeps six rotations of the vmware.log file (vmware.logvmware-1.logvmware-2.log, etc).
To change the level of rotation, use the log.keepOld option in the virtual machine's .vmx file.
This example specifies the level of rotation to be 10:
log.keepOld = "10"

Note:  The default value for log.keepOld is 3.

The log.fileName setting

To specify an alternative location or filename for virtual machine logging, use the log.fileName option in the virtual machine's .vmx file.
This example specifies "myVMlog" as the new file for logs instead of the default "vmware.log":
log.fileName = "myVMlog"
This example directs logs to be written to an alternate directory called "myVM" in a different VMFS volume, "vol1":
log.fileName = "/vmfs/volumes/vol1/myVM/myVM.log"

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