Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What's New vCloud Director 5.5

What's New vCloud Director 5.5

  • Catalog Enhancements: Improvements to catalog functionality, including the following new catalog features.
    • Limiting access to shared catalogs
    • Publishing catalogs to external vCloud Director instances
    • Automated versioning of catalog content
    • Uploading any file type to a Catalog

  • Usability improvements for VMware vSphere vApp provisioning and life-cycle management: Improvements to vApp provisioning and life-cycle management including the following.
    • Ability to customize virtual machine hardware settings when deploying vApps from templates.
    • Support for hot-add and hot-remove of hard disks and NICs.
    • vApp clone support for running and suspended vApps to include capturing memory state

  • Import and Export vApps Directly From a Virtual Datacenter: The ability to import and export vApps directly to and from a virtual datacenter together with added support for the Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) file format.

  • CentOS Support: Support for the CentOS operating system to host the vCloud Director cell.

  • Expanded Browser and Operating System Support: Support for the VCloud Director web client has been expanded to include the following.
    • Support for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome on Mac OS to access the vCloud Director web client, including virtual machine consoles
    • Full support for Google Chrome on Microsoft Windows and Linux\
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