Tuesday, January 28, 2014

VMware vSphere 5.1 Training Comparison

VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage [V5.1] vs. VMware vSphere: Fast Track [V5.1]

http://www.koenig-solutions.com/vmware-training.aspx            (vSphere:Install Configure Manage [V5.1]


http://www.koenig-solutions.com/vmware-fast-track.aspx        (vSphere:Fast Track [V5.1])
Which course is right for me?
When choosing which VMware vSphere® 5.1 training course is right for you, consider your learning objectives, level of familiarity with VMware technologies, the vSphere features you are most interested in and the amount of time you have available for training.
VMware Education Services provides several options that allow you to cost-effectively train a few professionals or a large, geographically diverse audience. Our expert instructors bring real-world experiences and best practices to our classrooms – real or virtual.
Course Content Comparison
course content comparison chart

More details:-  http://mylearn.vmware.com/mgrReg/plan.cfm?plan=35920&ui=www_edu

Monday, January 27, 2014

Unable to deploy the VR Appliance (SRM 5.1) "Line 157: Unsupported section"

While you are deploying the VR appliance with SRM 5.1, and while deploying you are getting the error

"Line 157: Unsupported section XXXXXXXXXX" . 

I have seen this while i am working with my test labs most of time cause behind this is 

"VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices"  service is not started. You need to start he service on the vCenter server and then close the vSphere Client and then reconnect to vCenter server and try to deploy the VR appliance. This will work..  

If you face same issue try top use this may help you and save your time to troubleshoot.

If still this not solve the problem in your case, Kindly leave the comment on this post, I'll check other possible causes behind this and share if find any.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Free Learning for VMware Workforce Mobility Fundamentals

There is really a great tool made available by VMware for the professionals, who want to explore their skills in End User Computing (VDI Infra). There is free e-learning (3 Hours) available, you just need to create an account on VMware portal (if don't have one). You can use the link below and then click on add to my enrolment button, after that login using your account on VMware portal.


The Free VMware Workforce Mobility Fundamentals course will provide you with a fundamental understanding of VMware End User Computing, including the business challenges those products are intended to solve.

After going through this e-learning session, you can take test for VCA-WM by sitting on your own system only. 

As a promotion if you take this exam before 31 Jan 2014, you will get 50% discount on the VCA-Cloud certification. You need to use promotion code VMRT9A9E506C while booking the exam...


Exam Details VCP (VMware Certified Professional)

Exam Details

  • Number of Questions: 85 questions, with a pre-exam survey of 8 questions
  • Type(s) of questions: multiple choice; some questions will require only one selection while others may require two or more selections. Questions clearly state the number of required selections.
  • Passing Score: 300, on a scaled score of 100 to 500
  • Time Limit: 90 minutes for the exam plus an additional 15 minutes for the pre-exam survey. Candidates testing in countries where English is not the primary spoken language will have an additional 30 minutes for the exam (120 minutes total)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What's New vCloud Director 5.5

What's New vCloud Director 5.5

  • Catalog Enhancements: Improvements to catalog functionality, including the following new catalog features.
    • Limiting access to shared catalogs
    • Publishing catalogs to external vCloud Director instances
    • Automated versioning of catalog content
    • Uploading any file type to a Catalog

  • Usability improvements for VMware vSphere vApp provisioning and life-cycle management: Improvements to vApp provisioning and life-cycle management including the following.
    • Ability to customize virtual machine hardware settings when deploying vApps from templates.
    • Support for hot-add and hot-remove of hard disks and NICs.
    • vApp clone support for running and suspended vApps to include capturing memory state

  • Import and Export vApps Directly From a Virtual Datacenter: The ability to import and export vApps directly to and from a virtual datacenter together with added support for the Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) file format.

  • CentOS Support: Support for the CentOS operating system to host the vCloud Director cell.

  • Expanded Browser and Operating System Support: Support for the VCloud Director web client has been expanded to include the following.
    • Support for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome on Mac OS to access the vCloud Director web client, including virtual machine consoles
    • Full support for Google Chrome on Microsoft Windows and Linux\
More details:-  https://www.vmware.com/support/vcd/doc/rel_notes_vcloud_director_55.html

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

vSphere 5.5 exam (VCP5-DCV)

Two Available VCP5-DCV Exams

On January 22, vmware released a new exam to qualify candidates for the VMware Certified Professional 5 - Data Center Virtualization (VCP5-DCV) Certification.
This new exam (exam code VCP550) is based on vSphere v5.5, where the existing exam (exam code VCP510) is based on vSphere 5.0/5.1.
Passing either of these exams will earn VCP5-DCV certification if you have also taken an approved qualifying course.

vSphere 5.5 Based Exam – Exam Code VCP550

Kindly use exam blue print for more details.

vSphere 5.0/5.1 Based Exam – Exam Code VCP510

Kindly use exam blue print for more details.

Approved Courses
Attendance at one of these courses, in combination with passing either the VCP510 or VCP550 exam, is required to earn VCP5-DCV certification.
The following courses are appropriate for general candidates.
The following courses are only recommended for candidates who have significant experience with VMware vSphere 5.x technology and a high level of comfort with the exam objectives. The following courses fulfill the course requirement only for candidates who have already achieved the VCP4-DCV certification or have attended a VCP4-DCV qualifying class.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

PowerCLI script to change the security setting of you vSwitch vSphere 4.x/5.x (Bulk Changes)

You need to open the PowerCLI and then connect to your vCenter Server system with administrator privilege account and then run the script below (you can change the security True or False as per your requirement)

foreach ($VMHost in Get-VMHost){
            Write-Host "`n"$VMHost.Name
            foreach($vSwitch in $VMHost | Get-VirtualSwitch -Standard){
                       Write-Host " "$vSwitch.Name
                         foreach ($esxid in $VMhost |% {get-view $_.Id}){
                         Write-host " "$esxid.Name
                         #get the current vSwitch configuration
                         $esxnsview=get-view $esxns
                         $esxvSwitch=$esxnsview.NetworkConfig.Vswitch | where {$_.Name -eq $vSwitch}
                          #Add changes to the vSwitch specification
                          $specChange= $esxvSwitch.Spec
                          #update the specification for the vSwitch
                          echo "Added security updates to $vSwitch"