Monday, January 27, 2014

Unable to deploy the VR Appliance (SRM 5.1) "Line 157: Unsupported section"

While you are deploying the VR appliance with SRM 5.1, and while deploying you are getting the error

"Line 157: Unsupported section XXXXXXXXXX" . 

I have seen this while i am working with my test labs most of time cause behind this is 

"VMware VirtualCenter Management Webservices"  service is not started. You need to start he service on the vCenter server and then close the vSphere Client and then reconnect to vCenter server and try to deploy the VR appliance. This will work..  

If you face same issue try top use this may help you and save your time to troubleshoot.

If still this not solve the problem in your case, Kindly leave the comment on this post, I'll check other possible causes behind this and share if find any.

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