Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Save 50% off All VMware exams (50% discount)

Discount is good for multiple use per person

How to Enjoy Savings of 50% off VMware exams
Step 1:
Choose the exam of your choice
You can choose more than one exam as the discount is good for multiple use.
Step 2:
Begin the exam registration process atwww.vmware.com/certification
NB. All VMware certification exams require prior VMware authorization
Step 3:
Schedule your exam between Oct 27 and Dec 19, 2014
Once you have gained VMware authorization, you are ready to schedule your exam. Upon payment, please select the referral code accordingly.
VCP Exams: VFVCP1450
Advanced (VCAP) Exams: VFADV1450

Offer is only valid from Oct 27 and Dec 19, 2014
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