Saturday, July 29, 2017

Manual Installation of NSX VIBs on ESXi Host

In this article I am going to demonstrate how to manually install NSX VIBs to ESXi host.

First of all we need to know the exact location of VIB files on NSX manager, once you know the vSphere version you are using, post that hit the URL to know the VIB location for that vsphere version.


In this out put you will see the PATH for VIBs as per vSphere version.

Out come of above URL will be something similar to :
# 5.1 VDN EAM Info VDN_VIB_PATH.1=/bin/vdn/vibs-6.2.0/5.1-2107743/ VDN_VIB_VERSION.1=2107743 VDN_HOST_PRODUCT_LINE.1=embeddedEsx VDN_HOST_VERSION.1=5.1.*
# 5.5 VDN EAM Info VDN_VIB_PATH.2=/bin/vdn/vibs-6.2.0/5.5-2983935/ VDN_VIB_VERSION.2=2983935 VDN_HOST_PRODUCT_LINE.2=embeddedEsx VDN_HOST_VERSION.2=5.5.*
# 6.0 VDN EAM Info VDN_VIB_PATH.3=/bin/vdn/vibs-6.2.0/6.0-2984108/ VDN_VIB_VERSION.3=2984108 VDN_HOST_PRODUCT_LINE.3=embeddedEsx VDN_HOST_VERSION.3=6.0.*
# Single Version associated with all the VIBs pointed by above VDN_VIB_PATH(s) VDN_VIB_VERSION=6.2.0
# Legacy vib location. Used by code to discover avaialble legacy vibs. LEGACY_VDN_VIB_PATH_FS=/common/em/components/vdn/vibs/legacy/ LEGACY_VDN_VIB_PATH_WEB_ROOT=/bin/vdn/vibs/legacy/
In my example I am using vSphere 6.0 so see in above outcome I highlighted the path for NSX VIBs for vSphere 6.0

Then I need to open the URL


This will download the file to your system, now you can upload the same to one of your ESXi Datastore. So that you can install the same using esxcli.

Connect esxi using SSH and then run the command 
esxcli software vib install -d "Complete path of file"