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Hi all,

I am planning to upload the step by step Tutorials for VMware vSphere, SRM, vCloud and View  Install, Configure, Manage and Troubleshoot, So kindly send me the topics on which you are looking for same. I'll try to upload accordingly ASAP basis.

Ravinder Kumar

Rename Virtual Machine after Creating !


Unknown said...

Hi Sir

That would be great if you can provide step be step procedure, with a bit of knowledge about different day to day implementation and troubleshooting topics. That will make job easy for many.

I need your help on the following topic.

Is there any way to find out a list of unregistered vms on all datastores in a cluster environment.

Thank you
Prakash Bisht

Unknown said...


Also upload some use case real-time scenerios, so that we can relate the concepts with actual concepts


RavinderK said...

I'll ....

Will take some more time..

Unknown said...

Great news !
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